IBCA Leads ASEAN Business Coalition on AIDS

The awareness of the importance of protecting business loss from HIV virus and AIDS widespread in the private sector. In Southeast Asia region , 10 countries which joined in it just established the coalition of businesses to implement thethe HIV and AIDS at workplace program in each country.. Indonesia through Indonesian Business Coalition on AIDS ( IBCA ) is assigned to lead this coalition. The main objective of the formation of this coalition is to drive all member states of ASEAN (Indonesia , Malaysia , Brunei Darussalam , Philippines , Thailand , Myanmar , Laos , Vietnam , and Singapore) to have similar programs in the individual states. The program was defined as encouraging companies in every ASEAN member states to have a program of reduction and prevention of hiv and aids in the workplace .

The formation of the coalition “ASEAN Business Coalition on AIDS” is driven by the fact that the spread of HIV epidemic in the world today, and the ASEAN countries need to protect its population. Labor is one of the groups that concerns the business world because of they are categorized as “Mobile Man with Money”, people who frequently travel to many places and have high purchasing power.

Fears of infection of the workforce by the HIV virus, triggering another concern of employers is the future of business disruption due to declining labor productivity, increased costs due to loss of manpower recruitment who died because of AIDS, increased insurance costs for care workers infected with HIV , and increasing labor absenteeism due to illness or caring for sick family.

Indonesia is a “role model” in the formation of a business coalition on AIDS is because Indonesian Business Coalition on AIDS, which was formed in December 2007, has managed to embrace national companies and multinationals in Indonesia to have HIV and AIDS programs in the workplace and be an example for companies other.

Therefore, Indonesian Business Coalition on AIDS was appointed as coordinator of the ASEAN Business Coalition on AIDS for the period 2014 – 2016 the main tasks is to coordinate cooperation among ASEAN countries in the “best practices” of HIV and AIDS programs in the workplace, and encourage each country to have Business Coalition on AIDS.

With the establishment of the ASEAN Business Coalition on AIDS, Southeast Asia region has had a new organization that will add the strength of cooperation in the region in improving welfare, including health. This would further complement the efforts of the whole society in Southeast Asia in entering the ASEAN Economic Community which will be begun on January 1, 2015.