With HIV Smart Workplace Program, IBCA helps companies in creating a proper HIV Program at workplace that will be sustained as well as safe from discrimination and stigma against HIV and AIDS through series of programs.

1. Policy

Helping companies in creating a policy on program of preventing HIV and AIDS at workplace based on enactment of Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of Republic of Indonesia no 68/MEN/IV/2004.

 2. Education Program

Education program is provided by IBCA adept to corporate culture without reducing the quality of education .The program was intended to produce Agent of Change / Peer Leader Educator ( PLE ) that can become an extended hand for the company to educate the other employeeabout HIV and AIDS. In creating PLE, IBCA has a variety education program that can be choosen ranging from 1 to 3 hours , to 3 days training depend on the availability of the time allowed by the company .The following are types of education provided by IBCA :

  1. Socialization HIV & AIDS in Workplace (1-3 hours)..
  2. Basic HIV and AIDS Information in a Workplace (1 1/2 days).
  3. Peer Leader Educator (PLE) Training (3 days).
  4. Training of Trainers (3 days) for those who have already joined the PLE Training
  5. Basic HIV Information Training for Human Resources Department.
  6. “Tailor made training” based on the company necessity.

3. Company Capacity Development Program

In creating sustainable “HIV Smart Workplace Program”, there’s some unique skill needed for the HIV Committee or SHE Committee that IBCA can deliver such as :

  1. Management toolkit Training, including create the program, Program’s Monitoring & Evaluasi, and also budgeting.
  2. Training in creating Communication Material (poster, article).

4. Community Education Program

Collaborate with Company CSR Manager, Community Affairs Manager and Peer Leader Educator, IBCA can help company in organizing community CSR program regarding HIV and AIDS such as public campain on healthy life, Seminar or Health Talk.

5. Mobile Testing

To know your HIV status every employee, IBCA also provide mobile VCT services in workplace based on are voluntary and confidentiality, these services also linkage with those who provide care and support system. In providing the mobile VCT services IBCA collaborate with Minister Of Health, Perkumpulan Konselor HIV in Indonesia and other NGO provided services.