Certification is one of the scheme to ensure quality and procedure suitability HIV – AIDS Prevention Program in workplace. IBCA collaborate with National Audit Organization, PT Sucofindo (Persero) create a tools in helping to evaluate HIV and AIDS Prevention Program in Workplace. Auditing process for HIV and AIDS Prevention Program (P2 HIV dan AIDS Program) in workplace based on Indikator Kinerja Program Cerdas HIV IBCA, enactment Dirjen PPK nomor 44 tahun 2012, and other standard drafted and set together between IBCA with PT. SUCOFINDO by using reference :

  1. SNI 19-9000-2001 Sistem Manajemen Mutu – Dasar-dasar dan kosa kata
  2. ISO 14050:2002, Environmental management – Vocabulary
  3. SNI 19-19011-2005 Panduan audit system manajemen mutu dan/atau lingkungan

The certification are split into 2:

1. Nasional

National Certification can be obtain for all the firm or company located or registered in Indonesian. The procedure auditing HIV and AIDS Prevention program in workplace are:

  1. Submitting Audited request to IBCA Secretary
  2. Planning and Scheduling audit process
  3. Assigning Audit Team based on their specification and responsibility
  4. Preparing Documentation / administration paper work ( Checklist, Form to capture information)
  5. Audit Process (document review, interview, solicit)
  6. Audit follow up if necessary
  7. Maintenance Audit Program record
  8. Reporting Audit Result


The certification only stand for 3 (three) years since the certificate issued, and in the second and third years there will be a Surveilance Audit to make sure that the company still maintaining the program according the audit terms that has been done.

2. International

International certification aimed at companies that have received national certification audit be submitted be the winner in the ASEAN level. An assessment standards developed jointly with the Ministry of Labor IBCA, APINDO, Chamber of Commerce and Sucofindo who adapts to the standard of ASEAN.