Dear Entrepreneurs, HIV and AIDS observers,

The Indonesian Business Coalition on AIDS (IBCA) was established on December 2007 in response to the growing HIV epidemic in the Indonesian private sector that affected business future. IBCA is formed as part of the implementation on tripartite agreement between the Indonesian Government, the private sector and the labors on health and safety program (K3) which is based on law no. 13 2001 on employment, and International Labor Organization (ILO) code of conduct on HIV and AIDS and World of Work. A decree of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration no. 68 year 2004 on preventing and tackling HIV and AIDS at workplace reaffirm the importance of smart HIV program at the workplace.

The spread of HIV and AIDS does not only impact individuals, but also to the world of business because due to the prevalent of HIV and AIDS in a company this will increase the cost of insurance, health care, recruitment and training, as a result, turnover will be very high. In addition, HIV and AIDS in workplace also impact company’s productivity, such as the absence of workers due to illness or tending families who are sick, potential employee loss, and also negative work environment due to stigma and discrimination of coworkers who are infected with HIV.

Hence, the program that prevents the spread of HIV and AIDS among labor is a strategic and effective program to be implemented by all company because it can prevent the impact of HIV and AIDS spread among employees.

IBCA play an active role in embracing companies in Indonesia, in understanding the importance of program we called ”HIV Smart Workplace Program“. Through this program, each member companies will receive comprehensive benefit as an effort to reduce and prevent workers to get infected by the virus (zero new infection), to prevent the occurrence of death because of diseases related to the AIDS virus (zero new AIDS-related death), to prevent the negative work environment as a consequence of the stigma and discrimination against the workers infected with HIV and AIDS (zero discrimination).

The sustainability of the business in a company is very dependent on the safety and health of its employee as an important asset. With that reason in mind, IBCA invite all companies in various sectors of business in Indonesia to have a “HIV Smart Workplace Program”. Let’s join us, Save our employees, Save our business, and Save Indonesia!